Stand up to ease the suffering of millions: health care reform

Stand up to ease the suffering of millions: health care reform


Okay, I don't know much about health care, but in my day job, I see suffering, and it's pointless, we can help everyone out.

Check out Organizing for Health Care to give your fellow Americans a break:

President Obama has announced three bedrock requirements for real health care reform. It must:

  • Reduce Costs — Rising health care costs are
    crushing the budgets of governments, businesses, individuals and
    families and they must be brought under control
  • Guarantee Choice — Americans must have the freedom
    to keep whatever doctor and health care plan they have, or to select a
    new doctor or health care plan if they choose
  • Ensure Quality Care for All — All Americans must have quality and affordable health care



Malcolm Jackson

UDPATE: addressed via email/Craig thansk!
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Please help, I'm confused and upset by this. and scared (I'm in trouble if I cannot use CL to look for jobs)!!
Please help asap, thank you.

Leah A. Zeldes

What value do insurance companies bring to health care? We don't need a "choice" of health-care plans. The most efficient, cost-effective and humane health-reform program would be a single payer plan. Please see Physicians for a National Health Program for more details.
Even Pres. Obama has said that single-payer would be the best if we were starting from scratch. Can we start from scratch?
Yes we can.


Hey Craig Your List is taken over by spammers and bots. I receive one from some web sight in the caymans . Have try'ed to ask them to stop but I receive a email every hour . I do not know if you still have the power to change CL but you need to add something in the Personals section that is all the section to get rid of the spammers. I like CL but it is ridiculous how much of the stuff is not real. HELP US CRAIG.

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