"A Tech Presidency, at 100 Days" "A Tech Presidency, at 100 Days"

Shares has the best summary, and all this I've witnessed first-hand, particularly over the last few days:

Considered in the aggregate, though, the first 100 days of the Obama
Administration has, it's fair to say, marked a sea change in how
Washington DC and the federal government thinks about technology. Under
the first 100 days of the Obama Administration, technology has taken on
a historic primacy. How citizens can engage in their democracy is
discussed at the highest levels of government. How technology can
revolutionize America's future is a regular subject of debate. That's a
marked change, and one worth marking.

Perhaps Obama's greatest achievement thus far on the tech front has been to make DC cool again.

And that focus outside the White House is, you can argue, the most
powerful change that has come from the Obama Administration: it has
freed government employees, career and political alike, to start to
dream again about what's possible when the might of government is
paired with the power of technology.

Like I say, "free the nerds!"


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