Help with California May 19th special election Help with California May 19th special election


Hey, in a week or so, California has a special election with a bunch of state ballot measures.

I don't know about you, but this is always difficult for me; I get some recommendations and sit down with an absentee ballot, and do my best.

This time, maybe around when you're reading this, I'll check out and fill in my newest absentee ballot.

They're deal is that they grab recommendations from a broad range of different groups, lay 'em out easy for a voter, making for a reasonably informed decision.

Hey, this is a small but very real advance in eGovernment, Gov2.0, whatever you like to call it.




Maybe it gave reasons but I didn't notice those reasons for the votes.
Seems more like voting by ROTE by what a group says, rather than voting by what makes COMMON SENSE as the reasons for WHY one votes.
Interesting nonetheless.

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