Got an idea to change the world or your local community?

Got an idea to change the world or your local community?


Join the craigslist foundation folks along with speakers like Arianna Huffington and Randi Zuckerberg, and that Craig guy at the craigslist foundation annual boot camp on the UC Berkeley campus Saturday June

Boot Camp is a one-day, dirt-cheap, event that is geared towards people who are currently volunteering or who want to become active in their communities, and don't know how and the same is true for

There is a new wave of volunteerism nationally, led by the President, and Boot Camp attendees will walk out of the event ready to take action immediately. There will be over 100 professional business coaches on-site at this years event to give one-on-one 30 minute counseling sessions in addition to workshops throughout the day.

Attendees will learn how to connect, inspire and act, which is this year's theme. Register for boot camp at




When it comes to grassroots action, VolunteerSpot is the new must-have tool for volunteer leaders and ANYONE wanting to mobilize their friends, neighbors, coworkers or congregation.
Free and simple volunteer scheduling, singups and reminders make it easy for volunteer leaders to ask for help, and volunteers to choose how and when they can contribute. (Think Evite juiced for volunteering.)
Please take a live or video tour at click DEMO.
VolunteerSpot, DOING GOOD just got easier!


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