"Help a mother out"?

"Help a mother out"?


Hey, sounds good, please check it out and let me know!

Help A Mother Out (HAMO) was formed in the spring of 2009 in reaction to media reports about the economic crisis's effect on young children, families, and mothers, in particular the growing numbers of homeless children and families in California. Reaching out to San Francisco Bay Area shelters, cofounders Lisa Truong and Rachel Fudge learned that the number-one need was not baby blankets, clothing, or even food but diapers-which are not covered under social-safety net programs like WIC or food stamps. So they decided to organize a Mother's Day diapers-and-wipes donation drive to benefit a dozen agencies serving low-income and homeless families throughout California. Using the powerful, and free, social-networking and internet technologies at their disposal-such as Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, Gmail, even Amazon.com-they mounted a campaign that generated over 13,000 diapers for families in need.

Surprised and awed by the outpouring of support from across the country,they decided to turn the one-time drive into an ongoing year-round campaign both to encourage diaper donations and to raise awareness.




HAMO is very cool. They inspired me to run a Mother's Day Diaper Drive through a mama blog in Tucson, nudging me from inactive despair about the state of affairs to feeling like I could have a positive impact albeit small on the lives of some of our most vulnerable. So for Father's Day I'm going to point, click and give diapers for dignity in my own community via the HAMO website.


Rachel and Lisa are awesome and I'm so glad they were there to help with a homeless mother and kids that I've been helping too. Thanks for giving HAMO some well-deserved recognition!


In less than a month, HAMO helped deliver almost 3000 diapers to young vulnerable families at Brighter Beginnings, a family-strengthening agency serving over 2300 families in Alameda and Contra Costa county. We have had to ration out our supply of diapers to only 3 at a time! With HAMO's help, we are able to help more young families with supplies to keep their kids in day care and themselves in school and at work. Thank you to all those who purchase supplies online and send them to Brighter Beginnings! http://www.brighter-beginnings.org

Mr. Radio

HAMO is a great, and I mean great Org that really does some amazing work.
I just wish they were in Chicago, and all cities for that matter, doing the same work they do for women and young families!


I honestly had no idea diapers weren't covered or donated to shelters. The next time I'm in a position to donate, that'll be one of the first things on my list. Thanks, Always so informative.

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