Senator Mark Warner: "Enhancing health care choices for seniors"

Senator Mark Warner: "Enhancing health care choices for seniors"


Hey, another step to health care reform, proposed new legislaton from Senator Mark Warner, Enhancing health care choices for seniors

The Senior Navigation and Planning Act of 2009 will:

  • enhance Medicare and Medicaid coverage of advanced illness care management services;
  • require doctors to provide patients with information on living wills and other planning tools;
  • give providers incentives to achieve accreditation and certification in hospice and palliative care;
  • encourage more comprehensive discharge planning; and
  • increase public awareness about the importance of end-of-life planning.

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6/16/09 8:25 PM
There seems to be a paucity of efforts to provide emergency assistances for seniors living alone and needing special care among the moderate and lower income groups, especially in instances such as in California where the Governor has proposed cutting out services to disabled seniors and the more abled disable persons who have ben receiving caregivng services in the past for years. Attempts at Balancing a budget in this way is sure to backfire on the 'terminator's administration. This is just another example on how much of a diservice we render outselves as citizens in the longer term by depending upon governments beneficence.
I'm persuaded that with better and more thorough public organization and cooperative planning and collaboration citizens could be enabled to pool and wisely invest combined resources so as to be less dependent upon government subsidies and counsels- all too often proving inadequate, skewed by corporate influences with vast mishandling of publicly derived revenues. In a combined sense people are generally more affluent and able han at first appears or that even governance may want ro countenance and contemplate.

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