Britticisms: What's the deal with "punter" …?

Britticisms: What's the deal with "punter" …?


Okay, for me to get the British fiction I read, I gotta figure out:

punter — which I think is basically Everyman

tosser — not so good, a little rude

wanker — worse, very rude

Do I have it right?

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Almost right:
A "punter" was originally (I think) used by bookmakers to describe their clients. Now it is used for any clientele.
"Tosser" originally one who "tossed themself off", masturbated, now used more commonly and lost most of the vulgarity.
"Wanker", see ""tosser".


Oh and that should be "Briticisms", otherwise known as "English"!


Hi Craig – i just happened upon your site today, and i saw your interesting comment – it just so happends i am a brit with an immense vocabulary of anglo-swearwords, and am more than capable on enlightening your with your truly-british connundrum. Please allow me to be of service. Explanation as follows.
Punter: yes, a 'bloke' or a 'geeezer' – a regular guy, 'a man about town', a 'jack the lad.'
Tosser: Someone who 'tosses' – or masterbates. To 'toss one off', also known as 'knock one off', 'bash the bishop', 'polish the rocket', or 'choke the chicken'.
Wanker*: same as above – someone who spends a disproportionate amount of time touching the 'old chap.' A masterbater. Certainly not more than, but as equally offensive as 'Tosser.'
*(It should also be noted that in the U.K 'Tosser' and 'wanker', are regarded as fairly 'low grade' swearwords. Whilst it would be unwise to use these two words during a first-meet basis with your girlfrends parents, they certainly pale in comparison with the degree of offense that can be created by what is widely regarded in the U.K as the most offensive swearword in the British Isles:
Hope that helps.
Kind Regards
Steve Reid
Uk Resident.

Rob Levine

I thought 'wanker' referred to a rich guy who went on sponsored junkets.

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