from UK: "Ministry of Defense sticks with insecure browser"

from UK: "Ministry of Defense sticks with insecure browser"


Tom Hey, in the UK, one of the leaders in digital engagement is Member of Parliament Tom Watson.

In MoD sticks with insecure browser  he discusses his dismay that so many in UK government are using a dangerously insecure browser, Internet Explorer 6:

Members of the armed forces will carry on using Microsoft's outdated
Internet Explorer 6 browser, contravening the government's own advice
on internet security.

Watson expressed his dismay at the response.

"Many civil
servants use web browsers as a tool of their trade," he told GC News.
"They're as important as pens and paper. So to force them to use the
most decrepit browser in the world is a rare form of workplace cruelty
that should be stopped.

"When you consider that the government
supported Get Safe Online initiative advises that companies should
upgrade from IE6, you would imagine that permanent secretaries would
like to practice what they preach," he added. "Why civil servants
should not be given the choice to use Firefox or Chrome or Safari is
beyond me. UK web workers deserve better."

fyi, I personally and professionally recommend either FireFox or Chrome for browsing.

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