Help with serious food safety reform

Help with serious food safety reform


A lot of good people are trying to fix the way we get honest enforcement from Washington, in this case, regarding food care.

A strong food safety bill, HR 2749, will shortly be voted on by the House of Representatives.

Please just take a minute to tell your Congressman  to make food safer, I just did.

Consumers Union has made it easy, visit to learn more or go directly here.

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There are serious pros and cons to HR 2749. Yes, we need oversight to protect consumers from food-borne illnesses spread by large scale food suppliers.
But what about those of us who do not buy any of our food from those sources? The food security movement depends on growing the local food market supply.
Because HR 2749 fails to distinguish between large scale and small local food producers, and requires small producers to meet the same amount of redtape & fees ~ the bill, if passed, may force small suppliers underground, or out of business. Both choices contrary to what's best for us locavores!
There's a good factsheet up from WORC (Western Organization of Resource Councils) @
Shake the hand that feeds you!

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