Ian Livingston, CEO, British Telecom

Ian Livingston, CEO, British Telecom


Ian Hey, the Traveling Geeks met him last night at the BT Tower.

Apparently the guy publishes his email address, and gets a few customer service emails every day.

He answers or delegates each one.

I don't believe the CEOs of AT&T or Verizon do that, nor do they have any direct reports doing something like this.

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Wild Willy

Far too many U.S. CEOs likely don't even READ their own e-mail, let alone respond to it. In one of my former lives, the CIO (yes, the Chief *IT* Geek) had his Administrative Assistant *print* out every one of his incoming e-mails. He would then scrawl his responses on selected messages by hand and have her enter them and e-mail them back to the senders.

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