joining board of – microfinance for West Bank businesses

joining board of – microfinance for West Bank businesses


Lfp I've been encouraged to help out via microfinance loans in the West Bank
of Palestine, by people from the governments of the US, Israel, and
Palestine. This is "public diplomacy", a kind of service to the community.

Toward that end, I've joined the board of, a group
devoted solely to getting funding for small businesses in the West Bank of

The details are here.

Founded by two Jews and two Palestinians, is an
innovative non-profit organization taking a grassroots approach to peace
building. Through’s website, individuals can make small
loans to specific entrepreneurs in the Middle East. By increasing
cross-cultural exposure and collaboration, is striving to
not only bring needed funds to the region but also to enhance interfaith
dialogue between Jews and Palestinians.

This complements similar work being done with, a great umbrella
microfinance group. On the ground, we work with CHF International, which
has an outstanding record helping people across the world.

Did I say this has the support of all three governments involved?

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