More on the future of news from Clay Shirky

More on the future of news from Clay Shirky


Hey, Clay Shirky's one of the folks who's really good at social media and the evolution of media.

He just published Not an Upgrade — an Upheaval where he has a lot to say:

The hard truth about the future of journalism is that nobody knows for
sure what will happen; the current system is so brittle, and the
alternatives are so speculative, that there’s no hope for a simple and
orderly transition from State A to State B. Chaos is our lot; the best
we can do is identify the various forces at work shaping various
possible futures. Two of the most important are the changing natures of
the public, and of subsidy.

The logic of the Internet, a medium that is natively good at helping
groups communicate at vanishingly low cost, is that the act of forming
a public has become something the public is increasingly doing for
itself, rather than needing to wait for a publication (note the root)
to do it for them.

The journalistic models that will excel in the next few years will rely
on new forms of creation, some of which will be done by professionals,
some by amateurs, some by crowds, and some by machines.

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