Mystery bird! with an attitude!

Mystery bird! with an attitude!


UPDATE: I'm hearing it's a Pine Siskin… except for the white-tailed companion

Mystery.bird.1 okay, it has chest markings like a house finch, but head very different.
(Click links for bigger photos.)

Mystery.bird.3 Here's another shot.

Mystery.bird.pal Here's what appears to be its equally mysterious companion



John Callender

I'm pretty sure that what you've got there, at least in the first two pictures, is a juvenile dark-eyed junco (which I still think of as the Oregon junco, since that what it was called back in the day).
I'd guess dark-eyed junco on the third image, too, especially if that bird seemed to be associating with the first one. It's got some leucistic tail feathers, which is cool, but the chestnut tinge to the back says "junco" to me.


Oh, cool. I saw some up in the eucalyptus forest on Mt Sutro and wondered if they were the same as the bird on your feeder. Makes sense – they were hanging out near recognizable adult juncos.

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