Twitter notes from Personal democracy Forum 2009

Twitter notes from Personal democracy Forum 2009


Hey, Eric Kuhn summarizes the conference briefly, and this does give you at pretty good idea of the deal.

My contribution: Craig Newmark: Nerd + Wonk = Nonk

(I guess that's #nonk for you Twitter fans.)

Better stuff, just a small part:

Mark McKinnon (McCain 2008): "Democratization means campaigns are losing control."

Joe Rospars (Obama 2008): Our new media component was
linked to a traditional campaign component. I hired journalists to
leave all their careers and lead their media team.

Rasiej: "'Public' should be re-defined as being searchable and readable online.

danah boyd (during her absolutely brilliant presentation. Read it here.)

Jeff Jarvis: "We must give government permission to fail." 

Macon Phillips (White House director of New Media): Participation and collaboration are important to what the White House is doing now.

Alec Ross (Senior Adviser to Hillary Clinton): "I look at the system, I am pessimistic. I look at the people, I am optimistic."


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