Concerns from some neighbors around UCSF

Concerns from some neighbors around UCSF


(my neighbords at have sent me the following, which I haven't vetted; check it out for yourselves if you live in the Cole Valley or Inner Sunset neighborhoods of San Francisco.)

UCSF has circulated a plan to fell thousands of trees in two separate areas –
South Ridge and Edgewood – as part of a so-called "Fire Mitigation" project.
FEMA funding for this plan is pending.

We oppose this dangerous project.

Our objections:

1. The forest, which receives 30% of its moisture as fog drip during the
summer, functions as a cloud forest. The trees precipitate the fog, and the
dense undergrowth retains it. Hence, thinning the forest would actually
increase the fire hazard by making it drier and more windy.

2. The fire risk has been overstated; Cal Fire on its website actually
indicates the area as having Moderate fire risk – its lowest rating. Both the
project areas are accessible by paved road and water supplies for firefighting
are available all over the mountain. Since the eucalyptus took over, there
have been no serious fires, owing to the dampness of this forest.

3. Thousands of applications of herbicide, mainly Roundup, will be used over
a period of years, to prevent regrowth of eucalyptus, vines, and blackberry
bushes. In addition to poisoning the forest, it's wildlife and human and
canine visitors, this poison will migrate into the communities below and into
the groundwater.

4. Mount Sutro is steep and a report on the areas planned for tree removal
show the potential for dangerous landslides.

5. The historic 100-year-old forest is part of the character of the adjoining
neighborhoods, and changing it will adversely affect residents.

More information is available at the website



A. Ley

Makes one hope the whole world doesn't become 'civilized' city dwellers who've largely forgotten who the original planetary caretakers were before humans entered the scene.

A. Ley

Makes a person hope the entire world does not become 'civilized' city dwelllers who've largely forgotten who the original planetary caretakers are. In fact on a program heard on day seven between 6-8 PM called "conversations" the host dared suggest even the weeds make ecologically symbiotic beneficial contributions to the planet. Imagine that! Is it any wonder so many insect pest get the upper hand when there's no weeds around! The bees love their flowers too! Check it out at

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