Craig, the cover boy

Craig, the cover boy


Wired 1. the folks at Wired need my helping selling copies.

2. they needed someone to follow Brad Pitt, on the cover of the previous month

3 . that's good, helps saves journalism jobs.

4. dignity doesn't get the job done, as you see in the magazine cover, and I'm happy to do what it takes. I'll take a bullet for the team.



Peter Jacobson

A distinct privilege to comment on Craig and the sensationalism that plague sour nature and media. Craig's manner embodies, a low-key, attenuated and subtle approach, a more noble way to go. It occurs to me that Craig is a Woodie Allen variant who would never succumb to the lusts that soured us on Woodie, while defending our freedom to pursue our interests without prior restraint, trusting our moral integrity. This appears to me a far more productive course of action, for the actions that are sensationalized on the cover of Wired have no intrinsic connection with Craigslist and occur, sadly, all too often with no such handy scapegoat to blame.
A lovely lilt to be able to comment on Craig with Jimmy Wales, people who are taking head on the delicate tightrope walk of fomenting freedom while addressing also its potential for abuse. A highwire act not to be watched as a passive spectator sport from the sidelines but with active participation.
My thanks for the chance to do so!

Peter Jacobson

Ooops – amongst the errors in need of correction:
plague _our_ nature and media. "Sour" not!
An example here of something – editing – not posting!

Doug Kohl

Wired aka "Thethered" magazine goes Tabloid. Who would have thunk it, oh yes I guess the editors did as Gary wrote a good piece but the cover has nothing to do with the story.
Maybe gary should consider going "Wireless" like the rest of humanity.


5. Wired's twisted coup d'état to change Craig's List into Kane's List
[Citizen Craig >>to>> Citizen Kane]
6. Sitting in for the 'Thinker' at the S.F. Palace of Fine Arts
7. You Wanted Customer Service, … You Got Customer Service [U go Craig!]
8. The Paparazzi never leave a Tipp.
9. Hummmm… maybe I should go for a Full Frontal Nude next time
10. Change is Inevitable
[Anicca, Dukkha, Anatta]


The real tragedy of Craigslist is that the spammers are wrecking it, and its current management is not up to the task of defending the site. I suggest selling the site to someone with deep pockets and a deep bench: Google (or Microsoft). Saving Craigslist would make for a decent weekend project for the brains at Google. (Maybe then they'd do something about all the gmail spam that is infesting the site.)

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