FCC under Genachowski: competition, consumers, innovation and investment

FCC under Genachowski: competition, consumers, innovation and investment


Julius Hey, it's really good to have the FCC run by people who are committed to serving the public well and who know how to get stuff done.

Julius Genachowski is now chair of the FCC, which means that it'll be easier to protect free use of the Net, and to catch up with the rest of the world.

In previous years, innovation had been discouraged, which is why people in the US have problems getting broadband, or getting good wireless phone service.

Om Malik has a really good interview from a coupla days ago:

The GigaOM Interview: FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski on Mobile, Broadband, iPhone & Innovation

As head of the FCC, Chairman Genachowski hopes to revive the telecom
and broadband sectors by focusing on “consumers, competition and

Julius Genachowski: The best I can do is say that this commission will be relentlessly focused on competition, consumers, innovation and investment. Our goal is to have the FCC be a model for excellence in government, a real 21st century agency for the information age.

"… we want to be fact-based and data-driven"




It is very good that FCC is running by committed peoples who are devoted towards their work. Getting broadband connection and good wireless phone service is much easier than earlier times.This happened because innovations are encouraged these years. It is supposed that Genachowski will do better works in telecom and broadband sector.


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