Jeff Jarvis on business models for news, and paying for fact-checking

Jeff Jarvis on business models for news, and paying for fact-checking


Hey, Jeff does a great summary of the Aspen Institute conference re business models for journalism at NewBizNews & Hyperpersonal news streams

Three highlights:




Very interesting. One thing that's become increasingly clear is that even big media don't fact-check (or the Iraq war would not have happened); and that people believe what they want to believe. Passion is more important than Rationality. Convictions matter more than evidence. I trust Google news more than any paper because I believe a machine is less biased.

A. Ley

Craig, media officialdom is largely stuck in the past as far as news reporting. Alerts regarding some of the most astounding observable developments of modern times receive no further media query, as though such events never occurred. Occurrences given advanced warnings and ways to avoid or lessen the impact of such eventualities including safe and inexpensive and painless ways of arresting viral proliferation and resulting epidemics and also moderating the intensity of wildfires and tropical storms go unreported as the following alerts to media reporters demonstrate. Those in a position to act preventively seem paralyzed by their comfort and the delusion that material affluence is enough. Media monopolizers have unfortunately assumed that only news that cost a lot of money is worth reporting. What's really newsworthy is occuring without monetary input dictsting its character.
To: Tom Sullivan
We have entered a most decisive period in world history. As errors and misjudgments and arrogance compound the usual responses and means will not prove adequate as the following will show:
ATTN: Brian Sullivan, Bloomberg Reporter
Advanced ways to control and moderate wildfires are known and have been demonstrated during recent years. Both select government and forestry officials have been apprised regarding this nuance. No response has been forthcoming. It's unfortunate that with such superlative potential at hand people in responsible positions choose what is not proving adequate.
The alluded to potentials have proven efficacy in other than fire mitigation as the following signifies.
Hello again Alex; You were contacted last year after tropical storm Bertha's birth and then introduced to a nuance of surpassing significance. Getting U.S. officials to believe that advanced ways can be further introduced to alter and modify the course of potentially devastating weather systems remains a daunting tasks and the offer to enter into some form of advanced contractural agreements in advance of such approaches are continually spurned. Some evidence efficacious moderation was demonstrated with Bertha.
The state of ecological instability portends impending disasters unless countered and such measures can be only condtionally provided. Still, budget strapped government states and the tottering insurance industries should be interested in any viable approach to lessen storm damage and required reimbursementrs for damages.
However much the past is preferred by some, the future has arrived!
Appositional Intergraded Multiservices
916 978-4015


10/28/09 Within a juncture aptly referred to as "financial Armageddon" and also "Another Judgment day" there is still a generally misguided belief that the repercussions of decades and centuries of maladaptive behaviors can be mitigated by something other than a courageous change of attitudes and invariably influencing behaviors.


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