moves ahead for better public service moves ahead for better public service


Hey is a great community site for public servants and citizens who want to help out. It's pretty much their Facebook.

Currently, it supports about twenty thousand gov't employees across the country, people who really believe in public service, who didn't give up during recent years.

The deal is that Stever Ressler will be assuming a committed role there, with a big relationship with

Steve Ressler, GovLoop founder and president, will continue in his role leading the fast-
growing GovLoop community. As part of this agreement, GovLoop has become an
operating division within GovDelivery.
“GovLoop has been my passion since I launched it in May 2008,” Ressler said. “What
began as a simple idea to improve government through collaboration has already grown
on a scale well beyond my expectations and is on a trajectory to become much larger.

GovDelivery is an awesome partner to help take GovLoop forward so we can engage
more of the government community in more ways to improve government. Already, there
are 10 new examples every day of how GovLoop connects people to solve government
problems. With GovDelivery, I believe GovLoop can scale so that the community is
solving 1,000 government problems daily through collaboration.”
By the end of this year, GovLoop will launch additional initiatives to support the
community with a goal of encouraging more in-person meetings, making it easier to tap
into GovLoop to solve critical problems, and will launch a charitable fund to encourage
and accelerate the philanthropic activities already going on in GovLoop.

“GovLoop has been called the Facebook for government, but people don’t use it just
because it is a targeted social space. It is helping people across government collaborate
and solve real problems every day,” said Scott Burns, CEO and co-founder of

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