Need help using social media to promote causes

Need help using social media to promote causes


There are a lot of people around doing really good work for others, not only with good intentions, but they're getting stuff done. That includes:

Well, social media, like Twitter, Facebook, and blogging are ways to get the word out, the efforts need buzz, and they often need finance.

I got a lot of followers; what's the effective, and ethical, way to do this, and to enlist my followers?

Maybe there's Facebook causes, etc, but what do you think works?




Angela Von Buelow

Great question Craig! This is something I’ve been thinking about often over the last year; actually it’s more like I can’t stop thinking about it.
I work with a very old San Francisco non-profit that serves the “most vulnerable children and families” in the Bay Area. I confront heartbreaking social issues daily in San Francisco. I talk to people who are highly skilled and out of work.
Why can’t we put these people to work solving social problems in their own city and local communities? San Francisco has a very rich pool of talented and creative people that are currently under utilized.
I’m currently working on a project, if you’d like to hear some details privately let me know via facebook.

Sumit Chachra

I work for Tivix. We're a Cause Marketing software platform that leverages Social Media.
Check out and you can email me at sumit a_t if you think there is something we can work together on.


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