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Everyone has been inspired by a great teacher. Exceptional teachers open our eyes to the world and provide us with the knowledge necessary to succeed.

My Teacher, My Hero strives to give thanks to inspirational teachers across the country and inspire new teachers to join the profession. We hope to help raise the status of teachers in our society and recognize the integral role that they play in shaping our future. With your help, we feel that we can shift our society's perception of the teaching profession towards recognizing educators for the important role that they play. Further, we hope to inspire a generation of young, intelligent, and passionate people to take pride in their desire to teach.



Sarah Mercedes

My father is a doctor and helped fix dying practices. We moved when I was in a public kindergarten to South Carlonia and they enrolled me in a private institution: Bob Jones. I was so far behind. My mother, the most diligent woman in the world, knew this as fact when I informed her that we were having a spelling test. My second questions: "What is spelling, mom?…What is a test?!" My mother wanted to hold me back a year–but my teacher, then Miss Cross, now Mrs. Campbell, refused. She told my parents I could learn and I was smart enough to catch up with the curriculum changes that unfairly differed state to state. I had a tutor during recess, which as a child, severely pissed me off. But the tutor made me read and study the words off my favorite Disney movie: Snow White. I caught up. I have been fine. I tahnk that teacher; without her faith, I could not even forsee what would have happened. Those teachers that have passion, aside from their lack of pay, make the difference. My greatest gift would be for her to read this although I have no way to contact her. Thank you for caring. It has made the difference.

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