Real change, persistent change in Federal IT

Real change, persistent change in Federal IT



Hey, Vivek Kundra is really getting it done, fixing a lot in the way the US gov't gets stuff done.

The deal is that good public service requires good information, including bringing problems to light so they can be fixed.

Chris O'Brien says it much better in How new CIO has brought innovation to government

Obama administration's push to fix the economy and reform health care
has understandably dominated our attention spans this summer. But these
initiatives have obscured a quiet revolution in the way the federal
bureaucracy works that may change our view of government for the better.

remarkable reinvention effort is being led by Vivek Kundra, the
nation's first chief information officer. Appointed in March, Kundra
has already produced an impressive string of successful new projects.
These include, which provides
greater access to the government's raw data, and the Federal IT
Dashboard, which tracks spending on government technology projects.


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Great to hear that modern tools are being brought to bear on returning government to civilian oversight, rebuilding the departments dismembered by the neocons over these last decades, and turning back from the security hysteria they've promoted.

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