Wow that is one hot couple. And with a firm futon that room would be a good room for, ahem, twister. My advice: do whatever she says whenever possible. She just wants you to be better at twister. Nothing convinces a woman you truly love her like doing new things that can be done together and changing habits for the sake of your own health. It's not like she's telling you how to vote. In exchange, get her to say "our relationship" instead of "this relationship." Best.

Alain in Quebec city

It's a really good thing to have in your house a room where good vibes balances the negative energy coming out of the electronics or the neon lights at work. That's really healthy.
Because, It has a negative effect on the nervous system, (as well on the brain), on a long time period.
At work, my employer just began a yoga class for us on lunch time and yesterday was my first time.
I was amazed how much I felt relax and all my bone joints where kind of relieved from the tension that I even noticed having because I was used to it.
I had a wonderful afternoon at work, everything seemed easy. My mind was relax too, and we know how analytics peoples (scientist, engineers, health professional, computers analysts) has a sometimes a spinning wheel instead of the brain. (I call it my hamster, lol…!)
I'm a sleep specialist in a medical supply store, with a lot of responsibilities, (clinical reports, sales, customer service, etc…)and I realize that it's a plus in my life and I recommending it to everyone who wants to improve their quality of life.
Well, Thats a beginning in the path of wellbeing…
The rest will improve for sure
So have a nice day and long time to your relationship.
And Hi to you and to all in SF.(Such a great place to live)

Mark A. Venegas

Great article. I admire the founder of Craigslist.
Great person and remarkable company. I am a strong believer in YOGA so I enjoyed the article.
Take care.
Mark A. Venegas
601 Van Ness Ave. E0706
SF, CA 94102
415 684 6111

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