This is faster than the Internet

This is faster than the Internet



Pigeon transfers data faster than South Africa's Telkom

A South African information technology company on Wednesday proved it
was faster for them to transmit data with a carrier pigeon than to send
it using Telkom, the country's leading internet service provider.

Local news agency SAPA reported the 11-month-old pigeon, Winston,
took one hour and eight minutes to fly the 80 km (50 miles) from
Unlimited IT's offices near Pietermaritzburg to the coastal city of
Durban with a data card was strapped to his leg.




Great!! Considering the place they are transferring data to is only 50 miles away, file transfer via the net should be quite fast. Instead, the pigeon was faster. If the data needs to be transmitted across the ocean imagine how long that would take? Granted, the bird might not be capable of trans-oceanic flight. But this clearly illustrates how slow their ISP

Neil in Chicago

I'm not sure it's still current, but a few years ago, there was a riddle about the medium with the greatest bandwidth being an oil tanker full of CDs. Maybe it would be thumb drives now.
I have heard of astronomers just mailing hard drives, because they don't have terabyte pipes.

Sarah Mercedes

thats a lesson to be learned. nature vs. man. for all the work, nature delivers faster. the key: real. a lesson to be learned and noted.

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