update, involving Monster Owner's Manual update, involving Monster Owner's Manual


U111758_sm is all about funding classroom projects a few dollars at a time, much like microfinance.

I'm still running a personal challenge where you can help kids out, particularly at a small school in South Carolina.

Please check out my DonorsChoose challenge, and consider a modest contribution.

Just in, from Mrs. C:

My heart was filled with excitement and joy when I saw that this
request for art materials has been funded. Although the school is doing
the best it can to provide art supplies, my classroom barely has the
basics. These extra special materials will allow us to do exquisite
work throughout the curriculum. You have made 21 people very happy and

My students are currently working an a monster owner's
manual, which requires them to do descriptive and creative writing.
They have just invented and drawn the monsters…


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