Help with funding for Veterans!

Help with funding for Veterans!


Veterans, particularly wounded war-fighters, need our help in different ways, and one has to do with getting the Veterans Administration the budget it needs.

Last week the Senate didn't get the VA budget passed- for the 20th time in the last 23 years – and six million veterans who rely on the VA for healthcare really need your help. 

A continuing resolution will help out for now, but IAVA, the Iraq & Afghanistan Veterans of America, asks you to take a stand.

Call your senators today and tell them to pass the VA budget, so that veterans get the care they deserve.
Visit and use IAVA's easy online tool to place your call.  It only takes a few minutes.



Jennifer Butcher

Craig – could you please contact me regarding the Social by Social book (I work for NESTA). Thank you.


Done. Thanks for posting. We all need to be more involved in truly supporting our troops and veterans with actions like these.

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