Iraq vet Paul Rieckhoff fights for vets' rights in Washington

Iraq vet Paul Rieckhoff fights for vets' rights in Washington


Rieckhoff.iraq Hey, Paul leads the Iraq & Afghanistan Veterans of America, he's the real deal, and they get stuff done.

CNN does a good job with Rieckhoff takes veterans' fight from 'sandbox' to White House:

Rieckhoff's experience inspired the 30-something executive director
and founding member of the nonpartisan Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans
for America to challenge the way the country supports veterans.

can say we really got something significant done," he said on a warm
fall day near Capitol Hill. "We used all the tools in our arsenal,
ranging from our e-mail list to Facebook to Twitter to folks on the
ground, to push forward a really transformative piece of legislation
that's going to help a lot of vets."

The IAVA notes the new law
will provide "timely, predictable funding for veterans' health care by
requiring Congress to approve a health care budget for the Department
of Veterans Affairs (VA) at least one year in advance."

Rieckhoff has come a long way from combat in Iraq. Tailored suits and policy papers now replace his military uniform and M-16.

Disclaimer: I'm on their board.


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Roy Jeffers

The VA says you will be on a Blue Ribbon Panel. Tell them it is simple start getting Veterans to Doctors or vise versa. They are funding all sorts of programs but we the Veterans still do not have the quality health care they claim to provide.They are trying to create some utopian electronic world. But they forgot about real health care and the Providers to deliver it. I welcome your help. We need it. Just try to look through thier PR smoke Screen.

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