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359533 Hey, these guys are the real deal, really helping people out across the world.

The deal is that we can all contribute a few dollars to help out small business, etc, creating jobs. Kiva has folks all across the world with boots on the ground, like CHF International.

fyi… my personal focus has been the West Bank of Palestine, but now taking a look at helping out folks in Indonesia.

Here's a good update, Low-Dose Capitalism:

The company works with 104 partners in 184 countries, which screen
applicants for legitimacy and creditworthiness. Kiva posts a photo and
biography of the borrower on its Web site; lenders can fund shares as
small as $25. "Kiva is kind of a line-blurring product," says Shah.
"It's not exactly commercial investment, it's not exactly a donation,
it's this 0% interest loan that you make [to] a total stranger." Kiva
claims that its lenders get stiffed on only 1.6% of the amount lent, a
default rate in line with the rest of the microfinance industry. The
average Kiva angel makes 4.8 loans.

"I think part of the success
of Kiva is that you actually get to see where your money goes," says
Shah. "You connect on a human level with who is using your money and
their story. People love the idea of helping people help themselves."



Premal Shah

Thanks for the support Craig, especially in Palestine (e.g. helping our Kiva Fellow get into the country, getting the CHF MFI partnership up and running, spreading the word about the opportunity to help, etc) and now in Indonesia. So much to get done – so thanks for the nice mention and support!

Julie S.

As a Jewish-American I believe that one of the most important tools to ending the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is the economic empowerment of Palestinians. Every person has the right to provide for themselves and their family. On top of that, fFacilitators like Kiva also add the element of bringing people together internationally to dissolve false differences. Lenders see hard working Palestinians and Palestinians see that the international community supports them. I am currrently lending to a micro-entrepreneur in Palestine in addition to a US entrepreneur in my backyard. Thank you Kiva for making both of these important pieces of microfinance available to individuals like me.

Juan Batista

I here that Kiva is a great source of help to many in need of a new beginning. President Clinton gave high praise to the efforts of this organization.

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