Mourning dove, for the gf

Mourning dove, for the gf


> Half way through a trip
> Mourning dove, for the gf;
> I've been gone too long

(haiku-ized by Davi Ottenheimer, thanks!)



Ken Shane

Reminds me of this famous haiku from the master:
On the withered branch
A crow has alighted
Nightfall in autumn

Sarah Mercedes

ummm…never leave the ones you love for too long if you feel convicted…if you feel convicted it has been toO long…she had me sold with the pic of the sunrise…which i would like more of… THE KEY THOUGHT OF GIRL TALK: NO LONG ABSENCES OKAY?!!!!

Juan Batista

My daughters saved a mourning dove after a hurricane. They found it on the floor, half dead and covered with ants. But the love and concern that they showed, proved to be a life saver that day. After bringing it back to health, we brought it to a preserve, where it could live out the rest of its days in a protected environment.

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