Need Twitter etiquette help re retweeting, and #followfriday

Need Twitter etiquette help re retweeting, and #followfriday


Okay, I use social media to humor myself, and to promote the efforts of other people who are getting stuff done.

Right now, that's a combination of Facebook, blogging, and Twitter.

In Twitter, sometimes, I promote other people by retweeting their tweets. However, the RT phrase, which includes their name, exceeds 140 characters. It's worse if I want to comment, that needs more character space. That means editing the original tweet, and if I'm not careful, I could change its meaning.

I figure that most people following me must know this, but is that assumption correct?

Is it more effective if I use an ellipsis (…) to indicate an omission?

Also… I like to recommend other Tweeters on Friday, using the #followfriday tag. However, there're now so many folks I want to recommend, it's overwhelming. I don't want to leave anyone out.

Soon we'll be able to create user lists and maybe recommend them, that might be the only answer.

I could use some help here, thanks!



Scott Horvath

Twitter is going to soon be implementing RTs built into their site. My suspicion is that it will remove the problem of extra chars. in tweets. But that doesn't say anything for how application developers will support that new RT function. I assume the API will be updated as well for app developers.
But for now, I agree it's a problem. You can do the elipse, but you can also link to the person's status itself to give the original tweet rather than changing what they wrote if it's too good to modify.

Catherine Ventura

Hi Craig,
Here's a way to rt an entire tweet using bitly without changing a word:
rt @craignewmark
You could also add more text:
rt @craignewmark Important question about Twitter etiquette:
You get the individual URL by clicking on the time below the tweet you want to retweet (ie 35 minutes ago from TweetDeck)
Hope that helps!

Daniel Howard

If there is a lot of stuff you want to plug on twitter, maybe write a blog post and then tweet the URL.
You know, like literate people. 😉

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