Need your help with challenge!

Need your help with challenge!



The deal with is that a teacher (public school!) can list a classroom project, and people can fund it with small contributions.

It's like microfinance for kids.

On project completion, you get a report with photos. Here are results from a coupla projects I funded.

I've defined a DonorsChoose Challenge, focusing on low-income schools in my area, but…

What do you think? I probably should focus on schools in my area, and the kids who need it the most, but I want to hear from you, and … please spread the word about DonorsChoose, and help me with my Challenge.

You might have heard about DonorsChoose from Stephen Colbert, a Kenyan citizen who's on their board.





I appreciate your focus on the areas with high poverty because these are the kids with the least chance of having successful fundraising otherwise but forget the purely local or trying to choose the most deserving. You can drive yourself crazy trying to choose. Just follow your heart.
On a side note, did you take a look at the picture next to the request for sculpture materials. Yes, I have the maturity level of a sixth grader but I spit out my coffee when I read that the kids need "hands on" activities.


I love the bilingual stuff. Not only do we need to improve our English literacy but we've got to improve our bilingual education. The rest of the world is leaving us behind in this!

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