VA Advance Funding bill clears Congress

VA Advance Funding bill clears Congress


(Hey, it's good to have a President that genuinely supports the troops)

From the Iraq & Afghanistan Veterans of America…

After clearing Congress late Tuesday night, historic legislation aimed at preventing
lawmakers' inability to get its work done on time from hurting veterans' medical
care is on its way to the White House for President Obama's signature. Delays in
passing the Veterans Affairs Department budget are nothing new; this is the 20th
time in the last 23 years that the VA budget has not been approved by the start of
the fiscal year. Failure to act on time, which can be disruptive to VA hospitals and
clinics nationwide, led every major veterans organization to make the advance
funding bill their top legislative priority for the year. The Veterans Health Care
Budget Reform and Transparency Act of 2009 will provide funding one year in advance
for veterans medical programs so there will be no lapse if Congress fails to approve
the traditional budget by the start of the fiscal year. Obama endorsed the idea of
advanced VA appropriations in April, and is expected to sign the bill in coming


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I will agree advance funding is needed. After all, VA Executives need advanced notice to figure out how to divide up their bonus money, and what to spend it on. Veterans also, need this to figure out how to get by without a raise this year, when the stuff we buy mostly went up.

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