UPDATED: You wanted it! A new Mystery Bird

UPDATED: You wanted it! A new Mystery Bird


NewA little like a goldfinch, but plumper.

Body is yellow-greenish.

Looks like these are Western Tanagers, maybe juvenile males.



John Callender

I put my money on western tanager (the "hello little lady" bird). The fieldmarks leading me that way are:
* The wingbars. Notice the smaller, yellowish wingbar at the front of the wing, with the larger, whiter one behind.
* The beak. The birds are both turned away somewhat, which makes it tough to be sure, but I can't make that beak into a stubby little goldfinch beak. Conversely, the beaks look too short for an oriole. Tanager is just about right.
* The pale edges on the secondary feathers. Sibley shows that exact edging on the western tanager.
* The dark back, contrasting with the yellower nape and rump.
The more I look, the stronger I feel about it. They're a little plump for tanagers, it's true, but I assume that's because it was chilly this morning, and they were fluffing up to keep warm.
Neat shot! Thanks for sharing it.


Thermoregulation might explain the plumper appearance of these birds. The feathers have been fluffed out for insulation to retain heat on a cool morning.


how about Pine Siskins? I see them often here in the midwest durring migrations – they look a lot like winter gold finches

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