a few words about social media literacy

a few words about social media literacy


Hey, this is for my old high school, only a coupla minutes.

It's also a little experiment in using video, your feedback appreciated.



Susie Sharp

Craig, so true. Too bad you can't get this in front of Rupert Murdoch of "News Corpse" who is about to shoot himself in the foot.
I enjoy your postings very much. Video good quality, lips don't match words (I'm on cable w XP Pro) but that's cool. Good eye contact. Susie in Cleveland, Ohio


couldn't watch the video because the video and audio feed were so off. listened to it while having another browser open.

Lisa Wines

Great to get to know you this way (Facebook, Twitter, who you are, what you support, what you believe in). I teach about you and Craigslist in my e-commerce class in a university in Paris.
The video was out of sync but the message was fabulous.

Kari Lonning

I appreciated hearing you talk about the positive sides to social networking – not just the economics or the social mindlessness. I got into it because I need a new audience. As an artist who's been exhibiting to the same group for 30 years, Twitter and Facebook have been good ways to introduce and educate myself and the work of other basketmakers to new public. I started working with David Mathison (BeTheMedia.com) on ideas about getting the word out.
Last weekend David was in Croatia speaking to journalists in a conference hosted by the US Embassy there. The international sharing of ideas was humbling and impressive. Here's one of the videos if you're interested: http://bit.ly/7gWkMq (The sound isn't good but what conference participants had to say made the world feel a little bit smaller. We're all in this together.


I, for one, would gladly cede the world to the squirrels. Better than going to the dogs. Re: the message, perhaps comment on how these new and powerful social media tools should be used responsibly.

Jason C. Weber

I couldn't agree with you more! I've learned about the value of Twitter just within the past several days (ie. @theveteranslist, @warriorgateway).
Concerning the video feed, you may want to consider recording at a lower bit rate (no need for 1080p unless absolutely necessary). As you very well know, it's the YouTube generation (lossy works fine).
Be well,

Sam Post

Interesting theory. Appreciate the positive vision — a wonderful counterweight to the over-argumentative cable news media.


xcellent post … the use in education is the most important aspect of social networking!!! Horray for those who understand this.

JD Stone

I've always been a big Craig fan, but I don't really understand what he's trying to get across in this video.
The points he makes in the vid are either vaguely vanilla, intuitively obvious, pointlessly rambling, or some just ridiculously wrong. Either way, useless.
"The deal about [social media] that people aren't talking about is how much of an affect it will have on the way we do our lives in terms of work or…the way we run our countries". Really Craig? No one's talking about that? Did you record this in 2005 or something?
No one's talking about how "…people are working together more and more using social media like Facebook and Twitter." Wow, got it.(?)
He then goes on to enlighten us about how the internet allows us to scale up to the millions of people our ability to interact with one another. Hmm… I think I realized that when Compuserve came out in a mid-90s.
Then some rambly point about entrenched powers being in a "career limiting" situation if they don't use social media. Ok.
Craig, you're a visionary and extremely bright guy. Next time you switch on the camera you might want to have a point in mind first.

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