thanks! or, riding the pink unicorn thanks! or, riding the pink unicorn


Thanks_mr_craig_cover_331459 does a great job getting classroom projects funded throughout the US.

Check out The "Write" Stuff from Mrs C who teaches at a school in South Carolina:

We do not have enough pencils, crayons and writing paper to last the
entire school year… The materials I am requesting include enough for me to begin
the next school year as well. I am not very hopeful that the budget
situation will be improved by then.

I am asking for basic
classroom supplies. Writing each day is important. Good writers become
good readers. We also write in our journals each day. Students draw a
picture and then write about it. It is amazing to watch their progress
throughout the year.

Your support of this project will help 23
kindergarten students this year improve their writing skills.

Just to be clear, that's me riding the unicorn, apparently wearing extra hair.




Thank you again for all you have done for my classroom and for East Elementary! DonorsChoose is a wonderful help for teachers! My classroom is better than ever.
I have received basic supplies(crayons, pencils, paper),hands-on science materials and math maipulatives.
All of our school funds have been frozen since school started in August. Without DonorsChoose and supporters like you, I shudder to think how I would provide my students the educational opportunities they deserve.
Mrs. C

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