Indiana University menaced by Very Large Squirrels

Indiana University menaced by Very Large Squirrels


Squirrel I had been warned, but really wasn't prepared for squirrel-related terror.

This one's one of the smaller beasts, and the photo doesn't show, but it's about two foot long, maybe thirty or more pounds.

If we do drive ourselves to extinction, the Squirrels are Ready.



Jane W.

The particularly large ones will come to you like dogs if you kneel down and call them over.


Oh, I have fond memories of dodging these monsters on my bike on the way to Ballantine. There is no doubt they are huge!

Carla King

This is weird – I was walking by a telephone pole in Pt Richmond – a squirrel ran down it and charged me. I swear, I it came so close, I could only imagine it tearing up my leg and ripping my face apart, so I ran…


I have seen an interesting methode in Ukraine and Russia to prevent of squirrels: Paint the trees white the first meter from ground. Then the squirrels will not find the trees anymore.

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