Lost ring found on craigslist, the hard way

Lost ring found on craigslist, the hard way

Dimple ring

Here's a brief version of what I heard from Julie M and Pete J:

… we were enjoying our Honeymoon in Maui and decided to take some surf lessons. We had a great time, even got up a time or two; and were getting ready for dinner when Pete realized his 7-day old custom-designed wedding ring, was not only gone … but likely swallowed up by the ocean during surf lessons. Not. Good. News.

… I looked up the beach name, and posted an ad on Craigslist.org which I have duplicated here to emphasize the incredibleness of the story.

"My husband lost his 7 day old wedding band on 10/20 at 1:25 pm while in a surf camp sponsored by Maui Wave Runners near the 76 gas station. As best as we can tell Kama'Ole Beach Park I is the best description for the area. The ring is a paladium band, with 3 rows of dimples that continue around the band, we are on our honeymoon so you can imagine the joy if someone finds it."

Fast-forward 3 weeks later, to my living room as we received an email from a man named Mike entitled "The Ring. Picture" and there it was! Mind you this email was from a man we never heard of, who had nothing other than the description above for his search. Turns out Mike had the right underwater equipment and had been looking daily since our Oct 21st posting; in water and waves up to his chin. When we first spoke, the first
thing he said was "the ring was a lot farther off shore than I originally thought."




This is an awesome story. I'm very glad they got their ring back. I can't help thinking about Greg Brady and the tiki, though. Please don't tell me that Mike who found the ring looked like Vincent Price.

Debbie Gottsleben

What a beautiful story -shows the impact of social networking and the positives of our connected lives. Craigslist has taken some hits when there is a negative outcome but this story shows the positive benefits of being able to get your message out to a globally connected community.


Wow, that gentleman must have had lots of fun searching for that ring. I hope he got a great reward, as kindness does deserve awards!

Jordan 5

The rings are married or engaged to the traditions of many peoples England held in the church wedding ceremony the bride and groom to wear a ring is indispensable one important element.


Wow what happy ending. I wish i could say the same thing about my lost.
On November 2009, we were in Maui for the first time. We were coming out from the airport on our way to our rented town home when I realized we lost our digital camera. Olympus C5060. We're not sure how we lost it because we were pre occupied with many things going on that day.
First of all, my husband rented a truck but we found it too small so we exchange it to a mini van. And because we have our toddler with us, we then stopped at Kmart/walmart to buy 2 car seats. Thirdly we went we went groceries shopping. By the time we came to our destination we were exhausted and not realized that the camera was missing. It was a sad day for me. I had everything on that memory card. I had at least 7 to 8 months worth of pictures from all over Canada and Hawaii, Big Island. I was seven and half months pregnant at the time. I had pictures of my two children and relatives from Montreal and Toronto on that card. It was also my mother's first time to Hawaii. Please if you hear any thing or found something please please let me know.
God Bless
Maria mls_watts@hotmail.com


Wow- wish this guy was in Seattle. Just lost my wedding ring at Golden Gardens. I am in the Air Force, a vet of two wars and five deployments, and that ring was with me every minute. It means the world to me, and wish I had it back.


Found a man's wedding ring at Golden Gardens on Sept. 1. Could it be yours?


Describe the ring. Sorry but I don't want to post a phone number this publicly.


Huge platinum ring with "you are my favorite " and "8/16/2003" on the inside?

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