Serious health care reform from Consumer Reports Serious health care reform from Consumer Reports


6a00d83451e0d569e20115705de75c970b-800wi The folks at Consumer Reports provide some of the most trustworthy reporting anywhere, doing lots of fact checking, with the highest degree of integrity humans can exhibit.

They give you straight info at and that's not easy to find these days.

For decades, Congress has put
off dealing with our nation’s health care crisis ever-spiraling costs,
insurance industry traps that put profits over people, and too many
uninsured that drive up all our costs. I expect you to finish the tough
work on health reform this year, and commit to giving all Americans
access to affordable, reliable health coverage.

They've already delivered hundreds of thousands of signatures and messages
to lawmakers, and have made many thousands of phone

I figure if one wants to help other people and even be patriotic, for real, sign the petition there.

Disclaimer: I'm working with 'em as a board member, impressed by their very high standards.


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