Thanksgiving at St. Anthony's

Thanksgiving at St. Anthony's


Friar Hey, I was just there bearing witness to the good work they do, feeding people, and helping use computers to find jobs.

(I'm more involved with the latter.)

These guys do the heavy lifting, much harder than sitting on one's butt all day, even if doing customer service.



Daniel Michael

A great program. I have met people who have worked there in relation to helping people into jobs.
Great that you spent time on this special day. I spent most of my day eating and sitting on my butt digesting today's feast!


i hit rock bottom about 5 years ago and was feed at St Anthony's for months. it was a great place with genuine helpful people. because of that place, i can find fond memories somewhere in that period of my life. a wonderful place that help me get back on my feet.


I've Seen Her Help hundreds of people in need of medical care and thinking of the compassion it takes to work there, just warms my heart knowings such a great group willing to help all whom come their way. Sincerely in the heart of SF, the tenderloin is a much better place with St. Anthony's, Thank You :)

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A Thanksgiving Day service is held in Hooglandse Kerk to commemorate the hospitality the Pilgrims received in Leiden on their way to the New World.

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