Trusted groups AARP and Consumer Reports fight for health care

Trusted groups AARP and Consumer Reports fight for health care


705750656_gdofD-S-1 I've already praised Consumer Reports for standing up for Americans, taking on some really powerful and ruthless politicians.

Now, the AARP, the American Association of Retired Persons, has taken up the fight on behalf of us, adding their voice.

Consumer Reports and AARP are two of the most trusted organizations in the US, having earned that trust, and they continue to earn it.

I've been an AARP member for almost seven years, as the card shows. I'm hoping the expiration date on that card refers to my membership, only…




the aarp's future will most certainly be intriguing after the health care reforms going on with the current administration.

Jeff A Coon

I appears to me that the AARP is concentrating on being an insurance company. I don't see where they are concerned with their members health care. I would expect them to take a stand against Medicare cuts, but then again maybe they know that is never going to happen.

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hey .. for the healthy nation we need healthy government…. My opinion is to the health care issues should be solved by government and they should undertake the project and do the worthily needs for the public…

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