Turning around the Federal battleship

Turning around the Federal battleship


You've heard how government rank and file workers are working together, throughout the US and with citizens, to provide increasingly better public service.  Their dedication has been consistently impressive, particularly during some bad years.

I've been chatting recently mostly with Federal workers, though the following is true of all large organizations, including private industry as well.

The Federal government  is like a big battleship, hard to turn around and head in the right direction.

In previous years, well, I can see that the battleship was adrift, heading toward really pointy rocks.

However, I can see a lot of rank and file workers setting the ship straight, and making real progress. We'd all like that progress to be a lot faster, but turning around that ship, that's always really hard.

That is, a lot has happened over the last year, what's changing now is how they serve people online. It helps to have a leader who has their back.

The rank and file in US government everywhere is doing a genuinely good job fixing things, and let's get the word out, that's a big deal.


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I agree with the premise that the Federal Government is like a battleship with regards to being hard to turn around. However, it is also like a battleship in that it is too large and cumbersome with smaller, more efficient models being able to do the job better. Furthermore, our ship has gone from going west to turning back east which is taking us south when we should be going north. I like the comment you made that it helps to have a leader who has your back. Tell that to military that asked for extra troops four months ago.

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