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Donors There's this school, low-income, in South Carolina that I've been focusing on for DonorsChoose classroom projects. A number of teachers have defined projects, and I figured I'd fund 'em, all or in part.

A big part of their style, and that of microfinance in general, is accountability. They produce project reports, and you can check out Group Table for Small Group Instruction:

This is my first project and I am so excited that it has been funded. It is so nice to know there are others out there that share love and concern for young children.

This table will be enjoyed by all my students during small group reading instruction and other projects. The work space it will create will be a tremendous addition to my classroom. The students will love to have their own special place to read, write and do other projects. … I can't wait to see my students' faces when we add this work space to our room. The room will have a better flow and all the students will enjoy a new space to learn and grow. I truly appreciate your support.



Amul Raj Desai

Hi Craig
I also found,
this link is via a friend it's the the cup organisation it's a fantastic social economic flash map – it is downloaded free and a charitable donation made to the org if any one wants to.
Amul Raj Desai
Kindest of the highest regards as always
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Has a teacher made a difference in your life?
Please support public school teachers.
Donations are tax deducible!
These are small grants for public teachers.
Teacher who cares!
Teachers received no pay raise last year and no increase for supplies.
Many have students below poverty level.
We need help.
Donate safely, anonymously or named.
Get the rewards-educated future workers.


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