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Paid for by the Newmark for Governator Campaign

Does Meg realize, that she's going to destroy her political campaign by Shafting: The State Workers, Unions, and now the Community of CraigsList?
Click Here Meg:
Former eBay CEO, Meg Whitman, is cross-examined by attorney Catherine Dearlove — Clip 1
Video of eBay v. Craigslist – Trial – 12-07-09
[eBay Domestic Holdings Inc v Newmark, et al, Delaware Chancery Court, No. 3705-CC]


Got it now.
I would work against Meg Whitman holding any political office, because citizens should be able to TRUST an office holder.
Stop laughing, I said should be able to trust, not that we can trust all/most/many . . . of those in office.
In my opinion Craig of Craigslist is in the right in the matters related to the case(s).
In my opinion, Meg Whitman should hold her head in shame and should learn that life isn't all about making money. Its ok for eBay to make money, but not in the manner that eBay/Meg handled dealings with Craig/Craigslist (see Craig's testimony for details).
The person who accumulates the largest pile of money, securities, houses — seen as successful on American TV — in fact may actually be greedy, selfish, uncaring or greedy, or just horribly ignorant and lacking in perspective /unworldly.
On the other hand the person with little or nothing in the form of money, securities, bank accounts, property holdings may also be viewed — by many or most of those who know that person — as a leader with integrity, role model, friend, innovator, community activist, because that person has shared what he/she knows or has –including all money and resources — to aid or help those who are less fortunate help themselves, and/or help those who cannot help themselves.
Meg Whitman has severely tarnished her reputation and that of eBay, in my opinion However, people say it is never to late to change and do the right thing. But can Meg see that?
It is a very sad thing wherein Meg Whitman wanted to ruin Craigslist (in my opinion), an entity that is helping millions of people largely because it is mostly free to ost or to read Craigslists ads and discussion forums.
To be fair, I should say Meg is not alone, as in my opinion TV/media is contributing to the greed, and to the thinking that if you can take advantage of someone else to gain money for yourself that is OK or is even a good thing — when in fact to do so really represents unconscionable behavior.
That greedy, selfish kind of thinking is ruining America.
We need to return to the days when a person's word meant something, and thankfully we have some people, like Craig of Craigslist whose word is his bond.
I am currently reading a book which touches the issue of trust/integrity, and the fact that money/stuff/property does not mean so much. This book, first printed in 1944, has the unlikely title of "A TEXAN In England" by J. Frank Dobie, who is noted for his Western stories.
In "A TEXAN, In England, Dobie discusses acting as the Second visiting Professor of American History at Cambridge University, includes observations about people and about integrity . . .
Another book that had interesting perspective was "Neigher Wolf nor Dog" by Kent Nerburn, which discussed, in a story differences in the perspectives of White America and Native Americans. One will learn why things and money are not the number one goal for . . .

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