The mouse, not always such a good idea

The mouse, not always such a good idea


Around twenty years ago, I was an IBM Systems Engineer, focusing on tech like imaging systems for health claims processing.

Visited a big facility, talked to customer service reps.

Feedback regarding the mouse? "Thanks, but no thanks!"

If you're doing heads-down customer service, you don't want to remove your hands from the keyboard.

This reflects my own customer service experience, and another reason I use Pine for email, all character mode.




Totally agree – If you're heads down doing most things computer related, the mouse is a pain. I've attempted to remove it from my daily usage for the most part (doing software/web development)


Humm . . . Non techie here.
What's Pine? provides some info including reference to a worldwide newsgroup, that I did not know and still do not know how to access.
University of Washington's Pine Information Center
The above webpage includes contents/info that will walk you through your education about Pine. It even includes history, people, FAQ and more.
EXCERPTS "Pine® – a Program for Internet News & Email – is a tool for reading, sending, and managing electronic messages. Pine was developed by UW Technology at the University of Washington. Though originally designed for inexperienced email users, Pine has evolved to support many advanced features, and an ever-growing number of configuration and personal-preference options. Pine is available for Unix as well as for personal computers running a Microsoft operating system (PC-Pine)."
. . .
"Note: Pine development ended with version 4.64, when Pine evolved into the upwards-compatible replacement Alpine."
Hope this helps . . .

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