Nancy Fichtner helps Washington serve vets better, saving money

Nancy Fichtner helps Washington serve vets better, saving money


Hey, the folks in Washington and beyond, have gotten serious about both serving the public better and saving money while doing do.

Previously, I'd noted Nancy Fichtner's SAVE award in Innovation and real support for wounded troops.

Now, she gets to document her experience herself:

My invitation to the White House became the adventure of my life.  I felt like a character out of the Mrs. Pollifax books.

With DC airports shutting down and December 21st being declared a
snow day for Federal employees we had our challenges, but everyone
pulled together and come Monday morning my children and I had an
opportunity to meet President Obama and Secretary Shinseki.

This trip was a Christmas present beyond all.  I still think it was a
lot for a little idea, but it really will save a lot of money and I am
so glad to be a part of it.  I can’t wait to see my idea come full
circle.  Thank you to all the people that made this experience a
reality for me and my family. Lasting memory:  Kasey Ann is still
talking about his handshake. 




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