Restored in Washington: respect for public service

Restored in Washington: respect for public service


Hey, check out an article in Business Week about how things are changing in Washington, and the blog which fills in the rest.

I was impressed by the Obamans respect for the people who work in
government. The Bush administration treated government workers like
lazy dolts—setting rigid goals for them and outsourcing government
functions to private industry as much as possible. (Do a Google search
on “Halliburton” to see how well that worked out for the taxpayer.) In
contrast, Zients helps government people set their own goals and
provides some of the essential tools they need to accomplish them.
Craig Newmark, founder of Craigslist and good-government maven,
explains the shift: “In the past, government workers were told that
government is the problem and nothing was expected of them. Now there’s
a new message: You do matter. Now, get stuff done.”



The plan of most neocons is to "starve the beast". That's why tax cuts are the one big (and only) idea of the Republican party. Privatizing services falls within that thinking. Plus, it makes some buds mad rich!


Glad to see that Business Week (and you) are catching up with me.
I pointed to the importance of Jeff Zients (Chief Performance Office) in my blog … five months ago.
But, hey, that kind of foresight you can only get from 25 years in D.C.
And while I give an "A" for effort, people should not expect a MSM reporter or "rock star" panelist to *really* grasp the barriers to improving the work of Govt.

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