Next phase of my War with the Squirrels

Next phase of my War with the Squirrels


745888569_Lut9P-L Hopefully, that's secure…




Humm . . .
Would like to see a distance shot to see how far up the chain goes.
Wonder if a big round metal collar , like would be used on horizontal lines to stop roof rats, would be needed to stop squirrels from climbing down the chain?
Just surmising, don't know from any first hand experience.


Squirrels are pretty smart. You gotta give them alternatives.
The University of Washington saves significant amounts of money each year because their resident squirrels eat compostable food out of garbage bins. Once thought of as a pest, a study was done on campus, finding that the squirrel population saved the UW over $200k a year on garbage.
Is there some similar way that the squirrels could be working for you, instead of against your birds?
And… you could make the food less desirable by adding more thistle or sunflower to the seed mix? Squirrels don't like it, but birds will still eat the feed.


Go to Costco, get a big bag of FreshPak "PEANUTS".
They come in the blue & white stripped bag, not the red & white bag (those are salted).
Find a tree in your yard not too far from your bird feeder, that has a crotch (Y) you can reach,
Place a plastic beer cup load of p-nuts in the tree's crotch. Be consistant !!!
(Once every day at the same time, I do it on the way out to work)
The Squirls will know when to make their rounds.
The Squirls will love you, and they will leave the Bird feeder alone.
Make Love, not War … when it comes to Squirls

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Squirrels are very smart creatures.Its a nice attempt.But i tell you,they will definitely find a way to your home.They have adapted to the nature in the best possible manner.

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