You can greet your returning troop at the airplane gate

You can greet your returning troop at the airplane gate


The deal is that normally you have to wait behind the security lines with everyone else, until now.

The TSA now allows you to get a gate pass, though procedures depend on the specific air carrier.

For the details check out Accommodations for U.S. Military Personnel

Thank You for Your Service to Our Country!

We salute and appreciate the sacrifice of all of the men and women
of the U.S. Armed Services. The following are some helpful hints for
screening your person, carry-on bags and checked baggage to help you
achieve a trouble-free travel experience at the airport.

We provide information for family members who would like to obtain
gate passes to accompany or meet loved ones at the gate and in addition
provide comprehensive airport security information for severely injured
military personnel.

The deal is that we now have an Administration is serious about supporting the troops, including follow-through for back pay, educational and medical benefits, and so on.


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