CIO of the year — Vivek Kundra, CIO for the whole US

CIO of the year — Vivek Kundra, CIO for the whole US


Index Vivek's getting a lot done for the country that the press doesn't really cover.

He's laying the groundwork for a government that actually listens to people, and can provide much better customer service.

Check out Chief Of The Year: Vivek Kundra:

The job of opening the government's databases to the
public–complicated by the need to ensure security, privacy,
confidentiality, and data quality–is huge, and Kundra will be the
first to admit that most of the work lies ahead. In fact, that's true
for everything on his plate: reducing the number of federal data
centers, transitioning government agencies to cloud services,
bolstering cybersecurity, improving IT project performance, and
engaging the public over the Web.

With such a long, unfinished to-do list, you might say that we're premature in naming Kundra
Chief of the Year. But that's where we landed, and here's why: The
federal CIO, now nine months into the job, has demonstrated a
compelling vision for overhauling the government's lumbering IT
operations (with 71,000 federal IT workers and more than 10,000 IT
systems), and his progress is so far impressive.




Daniel Chen

As long as he doesn't become a security czar, and instead empowers citizens then it's all good. I looked up his birthday, Oct. 9, and couldn't find anything outstanding.


The above comment said, "I looked up his birthday, Oct. 9,…" He is a Libra, balance?
What caught my radar was the words, "the work lies ahead." LIES no! no more lies… LOL oh well wishful thinking…
Happy New Year and Peace to everyone… K.


I propose he change his title to CI&CO. Since technology is becoming so much more collaborative, it is time for the CIO's to become more collaborative. Publish their preferences. A Blog like the Capgemini CIO Blog is a good start, but really- share and give away their vast knowledge.
In our small company, our CIO gives away all of his knowledge in his Collaborative Software list:

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