Congress shocker! Actually spending time to do their job

Congress shocker! Actually spending time to do their job


SFLogo_whitebg_500wide Sunlight Foundation, the gov't accountability and transparency leaders, got the scoop in Welcome Back, Congress:

The House and Senate worked more days in 2009 than they have in any
year since 1995, when the Republican party took control of both houses
of Congress. This only became clear after reviewing data contained in a
recently released report on congressional activity [PDF], which provides a wealth of statistics. Among the highlights:

  • Last year, the Senate met for 191 days, and the House met for 159
    days. Total time in session was 1,420 and 1,247 hours, respectively.
  • More than 9,071 measures were introduced, of which 1,444 passed.
  • Looking strictly at non-military nominations, 89% (or 3,222)
    nominations were confirmed; 4% (126) remain unconfirmed; and 0.4% (15)
    were withdrawn. Overall, the Senate received 24,951 nominations and
    confirmed 23,051.

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Can we get them to work zero days, and do absolutely nothing? It would be a huge improvement to the American way of life if that were to occur.

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